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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Swimming Demonstration to Parents

Our Swimming Demonstration to Parents on PhotoPeach

Today we had a swimming demonstration to parents. We showed our parents our wonderful swimming.


  1. I liked watching you all swim, thanks for the invitation Leah. It did look cold though. Have you finished swimming now?

  2. To Leah's Mum
    Yes we have finished swimming lessons. But we still have freetime swims at lunchtime for one more week.
    From Room 7

  3. Can you swim really well? (Rion)

    Do you like swimming? (Jihyun)

    Why do you have a swimming pool at your school?(Benjamin)

    We wish that we had a swimming pool at our school.

    I like swimming. (Poppy)

    Is your swimming pool deep? (Katelyne)

    We're going next term, but we have to go to a pool down the road. I am looking forward to it. (Emma)

    Was it cold or warm in your pool? (Alice)

    Keep up the good work!
    Mrs. Elrick's class (Taiwan)


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