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Monday, March 5, 2012

Our questions about caves

Tomorrow we are going on an adventure to The Waitomo Caves.
Today we brainstormed some questions about caves and cave creatures.
Here are some of our questions...

  1. How does a glow-worms light work?

  2. What do glow-worms look like up close?

  3. What do stalagmites do when they reach the top of the cave?

  4. How long has Waitomo Caves been around for?

  5. How many years does it take to make a column?

  6. How deep is the water in the caves?

  7. What are caves made out of?

  8. Why are stalagmites and stalactites made in caves? why aren't they made anywhere else?

  9. Do glow-worms sleep?

  10. What do glow-worms eat?

  11. How long does it take for a cave to change shape?

  12. How do caves change shape?

We are hoping to answer all these questions when we get back from our trip! :)


  1. To Room7
    I know that glow worms light works when its hungry.
    by Victoria

  2. To room7
    I know that when stalagmites reach the top of the caves they make a column. They join stalactites.
    From Megan.

  3. To room7
    I know caves are made out fish bones from the bottom of the sea.
    from Fin

  4. To room 7

    I know what glow worms look like when we look up close.
    It looks like a star because it shines bright.

    From Katherine

  5. To Room7.
    I know what glow-worms eat. Tiny bugs like flies,and each other.
    from Leah.

  6. To room7
    I know that glow-worms eat each other when they
    are really huge.
    from Makayla.

  7. To Room 7
    I know that gloworms eat small inects like flys and I know that it takes millons of years for a cave to change shape.
    From christian.

  8. To room7
    I know that a glow worms light is used to attract other glow worms.
    from Titus

  9. Oops, I meant when they are really hungry.
    From Makayla

  10. To room7
    I know that caves are made out of sea
    cachersae and crashed up shells
    to make Waitamo caves.

  11. Hi room7.
    I know what glow-worms eat. Do you want to know?Glow-worms eat little insects and this is how they cach them. First the glow-worms spin a sticky thread and their light attracts other insects and try to eat them up and sometimes if the glow-worm is really hungry and they haven't causght anything they eat each other.
    When the glow-worm is first born their first meal is the other eggs that haven't hatched so they are eating their brothers and sisters.
    From Katie.

  12. To room7
    Glow worms work when you are silent.
    From kasiti

  13. To room7

    I know it takes millions of years to form a column. A column is a stalacmite and a stalactite joined together.

    From Courtney

  14. To room7
    I know that caves change shape by growing more stelacmites and stalectits and some times the cave moves by eath quakes.
    From Dakota

  15. To Room7
    Caves are made of crashed seashells.
    From Toby

  16. to room7
    Glows worms eat each other when they are really hungry. Glowworms sleep in the dark and they go and find food to eat. They spin sticky threads and flies get stuck. The glowworms eat them.
    from debbie

  17. To room7
    I know how caves change shape because of the columns,stalacmites and stalectites.
    They also change shape because of the water.
    from Ashton:)

  18. To room7
    Caves change shape by the plates that sometimes cause an earthqake and over time there are some earthquakes. So over time caves do change shape by the plates.
    From Loren


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