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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Waitomo Caves

This is a video that Toby made about our trip to the Waitomo Caves.


  1. We watched the video you posted about the people jumping down the holes and wondered why they did it and how they got out. Do you have any of those holes where you are and do people jump in them?

    We would like to ask the girl with the large shell where she got it from. It looks really good.

    We thought that Toby did a good job with the video.
    How do the glow worms glow? Do they always glow?
    What have you found out about caves? How was the one you went to formed?

    Mrs.Elrick's class (Taiwan)

  2. To Mrs .Elrick's class
    Our class can swim really well. We love swimming. We have a pool at our school because we can learn how to swim at school. Our swimming pool has a deep end and a shallow end but the deep end is'nt over our heads. When we get into the pool it is cold but then we get used to it and we get warmer.
    From Loren (room7)

  3. To Mrs Elrick's class
    They jumped into the sink holes for fun and they got out by a rope.
    No we don't have any sink holes that people jump in but we do have small sink holes. Megan was the girl that was holding the shell but it was from Scott (He taught us some things about caves.) Thanks, Toby did do a good job!
    Glow worms glow because they want to invite insects to their meals. We have found out lot's of things about caves. The Waitomo caves were formed by lime stone.
    From Katherine (room7)

  4. Wow room 7! Looks like you had a wonderful time at the caves!

    Lans: Was it damp in the caves? How dark was it? If you could choose to live in Waitomo Caves where would it be?

    Tiana: I liked the music you had with the video, and it was great to hear your comments.

    Karyna: Wow r7 it sounded really fun, I wish I could have gone too! Did you make any pictures out of the wet soggy clay stuff?

    Bronte: It looked like you enjoyed yourself from all the different comments you said! Did your shoes get really dirty in the caves?

    Kharma: Did you guys have heaps of fun? What was your favourite part about the cave?


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