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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Keeping NZ Beautiful

This week is "Keep NZ Beautiful" Week.

To help our school stay BEAUTIFUL we picked up rubbish around our school and cleaned up.

This is how we are going to keep NZ beautiful:

  • Megan "I'm going to clean up at lunchtime"
  • Loren "Each Wednesday at home or at school I'm going to pick up rubbish"
  • Victoria "Remind people to put their rubbish in the bin" 
  • Courtney "Try not to eat junk food in wrappers"
  • Aaron "Not litter - put my rubbish in the bin"
  • Toby "I am going to recycle all my paper, plastic bottles and cardboard at home"
  • Christian "Each day I am going to clean up rubbish at home and school"
  • Fin "Pick up rubbish each morning if I see it"
  • Jade "When I walk past rubbish I am going to pick up rubbish"
  • Katie "I am going to start by not using plastic wraps on my food and recycle"
  • Makayla "I am going to remind people to put their rubbish in the bin"
  • Dakota "When I go for walks I will pick up rubbish"
  • Debbie "I'm going to start picking up rubbish" 
  • Kasiti "I'm going to pick up rubbish when I walk past it"


  1. Thank you Room 7. You are our future Leaders. Great Leaders lead by example. Tell your friends, family and adults (who don't have access to this blog site) about what you are doing to 'Keep NZ beautiful'. Maybe, and just maybe, they will follow your example!

  2. Hi Room 7! Great to see! Thanks for helping keep Hamilton and NZ beautiful :)
    Cath @NZScienceLearn

  3. To Room 7,
    Great work is was nice to see your photo and everyone helping, I know you collected a bit of rubbish that morning. All of your ideas are great ways to keep NZ, and our school looking beautiful and because of it you are all being Tidy Kiwi's!
    Keep it up and I know that you are also getting better with the number of people not bringing wrap to school in their lunchboxes on a Wednesday. This all helps reduce our rubbish as well.
    From Mrs Head

  4. Hi Room 7
    What amazing people to have in our school and our world! I agree with Mrs MacBeth - you are all being wonderful role models who will show others around you how to look after our planet! Keep up your promises won't you!

    I also promise to always pick up a piece of rubbish wherever I am if I see one!

    From Mrs Paton.


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