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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Creating a Soundscape

Mrs D wrote a story for us and we drew a soundscape picture of what it sounded like. Then we created a piece of music to tell the story.

Here are our pieces of music.

What did you enjoy about our soundscapes?


  1. Wow Room 7 I like your soundscapes I also like how you worked as a team by going high and low with your soundscapes.What I learnt is that any kind of Instrement can make nice sounds!

    From Tiana

  2. I totally loved the music song! I have now leart when there is a sad mommet there is sad music!!!

    From: Aidan

  3. Well done room 7 with your awesome soundscapes.I really enjoyed listening to all of them.How did you know what you were going to do next?How did you work in time?Did you enjoy this activity?And if you did it again what would you change? Please reply on my blog- Emersons blog or room 14's blog.
    From Emerson

  4. Wow room7 you kids have made cool as soundscapes they blew me away what I learnt is to make it sound quite before you make it sound loud By Jordan

  5. Hi Room7
    Great soundcapes.
    I read your story and then the music it really sounds like the story when you start off quiet and get louder and then quiet.
    How long did it take to make the music?

    From Rebecca:)

  6. To Rebecca
    Thank you for your feed back.
    Can you give us feedforward?
    It didn't take that long to make.
    From Toby
    Room 7

  7. Feedback:
    I liked how Titus used the recorder to make the sound of the birds. - Jaedyn

    We liked the creative ideas rm 7 had. Mac

    I liked how it was peaceful and they didn't go really fast. - Sarah

    Maybe you could use your own instruments that you have hand made. - Nikita

    You could make the sound a little louder.
    - Jaedyn


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