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Friday, June 1, 2012

Skyping with 3G

Today we skyped a school in London. We had to come to school at 7am which is extra early for us!
We skyped 3G at St Augustine's Junior school and they had to stay at school until 8pm to skype with us!

From our skype we learnt....
  • Big Ben is really tall and big.
  • 3G wrote to the Queen and invited her to a picnic. The class received a letter back from the Queen on special thick paper. She was too busy to go!
  • They were really excited about the Olympics coming to their city.
  • Their flag has the same colours as our flag.
  • They have 24 children in their class.
  • They have 7 teachers and 193 students.
  • They have 2 goldfish just like us!
  • 3G starts school at 8:50am and finish 3:20pm.
  • They have 3 breaks in their school day - the first one is at 10am, second break at 12pm and the third break is in the afternoon.
We really enjoyed skyping because we really wanted to meet one of our quad blog classes. We enjoyed learning lots of information about them. We got to see them on video!
It was our first time skyping. The connection wasn't that great because they were on the other side of the world. But we really didn't care because we loved meeting them!

After our skype we had hot milos, pikelets, muffins, cookies and toast for breakfast.

Courtney first asked if they knew about her bear. She got it at a famous train station in London. They said it was called the Beef Eater bear. Courtney knew that this was a person in the palace who tested the food the Queen was going to eat to check if it was poisoned or not. 
This is a photo of us listening hard!
Christian asked what their favourite subject at school was.
Katie was asking if they were excited about the Olympics and they shouted "YES!"
Loren asked what type of fish they had in their class. 
Jade asked how many classrooms they have - 7.
Fin is explaining his favourite subject at school.


  1. Hi Room 7
    I was very excited to hear that you were going to skype a class in LONDON! It was very strange coming into the classroom so early in the morning to see you all sitting ready for learning already! I can see that you learnt alot about London, I wonder what they learnt about New Zealand from us? When are you going to contact them again, and are you also e-mailing them?

    From Mrs Paton

  2. Hi room 7,

    I'm from the Skype call in 3G. It was really really exiting to Skype with you. St. Augustines junior school isn't in London though its in Worksop it takes about 159 miles to get to London.

    St. Augustines junior school.


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