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Monday, June 11, 2012

What do you know about fractions?

Make a comment about what you know about fractions. If you have a question about fractions then you could even ask that as well.
I look forward to seeing all your comments by the end of the week! Mrs N ;)


  1. To Mrs Natusch
    I know that the top number is called the numerator. I know that the bottom number is called denominator. I know that if the denominator number is not the same you have to find the same denominator.
    From Katherine

  2. To Mrs Natush

    I Know that fractions are whan you split a whole into the same sized bits.I do do lots of cooking at home.


  3. Hi Room 7
    I know that fractions are smaller parts of a whole. I also know that I can only eat a fraction of my birthday cake in one sitting! But what fraction?

    From Mrs Paton

  4. To Mrs Paton
    Loren thinks you can eat 1/8 of your birthday cake in one sitting.
    Toby thinks 1/9
    Ashton thinks 1/7
    Courtney thinks 1/8
    Megan thinks 1/6
    No-one thinks you can eat 1/2! Or we hope not!
    (Ps - it might depend on how BIG the cake is)
    From Room 7

  5. To Mrs Natusch
    I know that a fraction is part of a whole. I also know that the top number is called the nummerater and the bottom number is called the denoninater.
    From Loren

  6. To Mrs Natusch
    I know that if a high number is at the bottom it is a small fraction so you get a smaller part.
    And a small number at the bottom is a big fraction like 1/2.
    From Megan :D

  7. To mrs Natusch

    I know that a fraction is a half of a number.
    How many pieces of my birthday cake do you think I can eat in 2 sittings.
    How much can you eat in 1 sitting?

    from Ashton

  8. To mrs Natusch
    This is what I know about fractions. Fractions are halves,quarters.
    From Fin :)


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