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Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Seven stars of Matariki

This is the legend of The Seven Stars of Matariki.

What did you learn?
What did you find interesting?
What questions do you have?

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  1. Loren - I learnt that the seven sisters went far away to the heavens because they were mean and got sent away.
    Kasiti - The person reading the story actually wrote it.
    Debbie - There are seven stars in the sky at Matariki time - the biggest and brightest stars
    katie - One of the brothers went and heard the plan of the seven sisters and he told the other brothers about it and they got together to send them far away.
    Christian - The brightest biggest star at Matariki is the oldest sister.

    It was interesting that the boy turned into a bird.
    Magical powers are interesting.

    Leah - Why did the sisters want the brothers to starve to death.


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