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Thursday, August 9, 2012

We LOVE Learning!

This week we created posters to show how we LOVE learning. 

 Our learning goal was to use MS Publisher to show the different ways we love to learn.

We were successful when we could;

  • choose a background style
  • choose photos saved in our folders or take new photos to show different ways of learning
  • add a title and words to describe what we were doing in the photos 
  • make our posters easy to read by thinking about the lay-out

We entered our posters in this competition - http://www.ilovelearning.org.nz/
Search for Vardon School to see our entries. You can even show you "like" them by clicking the like button!

We LOVE Learning! on PhotoPeach

Do you think we achieved our goal?


  1. Hi Room 7,
    Those posters look great! I hope they do well in the competition. It really makes me happy to see children who know so much about their learning and are really practising being "powerful learners". Awesome effort!!
    from Mrs Scott

  2. Great posters Room 7. There were a few I wanted to LIKE but you had to login to be able to do that and I didn't want to sign up for another website, but I wanted you to know I had a look. Perhaps you could put your own one on your own blog page then we could LIKE them there. :)

  3. To Room7

    I liked how you got the pitures on our blog.

    from Tukotahi

  4. To Room7
    that was cool evin loren that was cool too.

    from Kasiti

  5. To room7

    This is realy cool how did you make it.

    From Ashton

  6. To room7
    I really like yuor photo peach. whats your favourite poster?. From Fin


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