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Monday, May 7, 2012

Our school logo

Welcome to our quadblogging buddies!! We hope you enjoy viewing our blog this week and making comments. We will try to reply to your comments so please ask us questions so we can reply!

This is our school logo. Loren has created a comic life page that tells you all about our logo.

What did you learn from our school logo?

What did you find interesting?

What questions do you still have about our school logo?


  1. Were did you make the comic ? It looks fun.

  2. I am wondering what the four r's are? Can someone please tell me? We also strive for excellence at our school. Maybe the r's mean respect, responsibility, reward, reuse!

  3. This is Lindi from Texas.
    Your school logo is cool! Ours is a Falcon.

  4. Your school logo is so cool!It is very creative and colorful. Ours is a purple and gold falcon.
    From, Jordan in Houston, Texas

  5. Wow. I just love your schools logo! I think that it is clever that you put what each part of the logo stands for!

    Katie at The Kinkaid School in Houston, Texas.

  6. Your logo is good. Loren that is a really good piece of work for your logo.did you use comic life to do it? it's great logo loren.how did you do it?


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